Signed Art Prints

Art Posters & Prints Hand-Signed by the Artists

Tulipa Two

Tulipa Two is one of Albert Koetsier’s most beloved pieces from the Jewels of Nature collection. The color in the original piece is hand-tinted with translucent paint to allow the X-ray to show through. It is reproduced very well in this print.

Unique Limited Edition Signed Prints

My Name is Michael Koetsier. I started this project with my father, Albert Koetsier, who is a recognized and signed artist in his own right. We wanted to provide a service for artists to continue sharing their work beyond the artwork itself.

I work directly with artists to select and certify each print I sell. Unlike other poster sites, which only offer open-editions, sometimes with electronically-geneated signatures, the posters on this site are very limited edition prints. They are selected by the artist and then hand-signed and numbered by him/herself.

Like a gallery, I feature one single artist at a time on this home page. This Spring, I am featuring the X-Ray photography of my father, Albert Koetsier. Below is a sampling of his work. The full selection of what I have available can be found under Featured Artists, and includes the option to purchasing directly.

Since I only receive a very limited quantity of prints from artists, the inventory is small, but also unique. My goal here is to support artists of 2-dimensional art and to help preserve their legacy well beyond when their own artwork is no longer available. To read the full story I do this, see Our Story.


Two Mature Calas

This is one of Albert Koetsier’s signature pieces. While it is extremely popular as a poster, it is perhaps his most famous x-rayograph. It is from the Jewels of Nature collection and is available here hand-signed and numbered by Albert Koetsier in very limited qualities.

Chrysanthemum Flowers

Another very rare piece from the Jewels of Nature collection. Most of Albert’s art that is used by poster companies is typically colorized and retouched for marketability. This piece is closer to the original, which was also hand-tinted with oil-based translucent paints to bring out the x-ray detail underneath. Unfortunately, we are now sold out of the Chrysanthemum Flowers piece, but it is such a beautiful example that we are still including it here as exemplary of Albert’s work.

Seven Ginko Leaves

This is another signature piece from the Lungs of the Earth collection. As a hand-tinted x-ray, Albert used a pale gray-green color to allow the fine lines of the Ginko leaf to shine through. The process required extensive trial and error to arrive at the desired results. While the originals are even more striking, the poster printer was able to approximate the colors very well in this piece. It remains one of Albert’s most famous posters, but only a very small number exist as hand-signed and numbered samples, a few of which we have available here.

Curved Eucalyptus Branch with Leaves

The vast majority of the leaves that Albert produced were hand-tinted in a very pale gray-green before they were sent to the commercial poster producers. Only a very small number were not hand-tinted and remained black & white. This piece, also from the Lungs of the Earth collection, is a one such rare example and is just one of 20 that are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. We have just a few of them available for sale here.

You can see all the Xrayographs from Albert Koetsier that I have available here.