Signed Art Prints

Art Posters & Prints Hand-Signed by the Artists

Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive me mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.
— Claude Monet

The Idea

It is difficult being an artist today, especially when it comes to 2-dimensional art like painting, photography and digital art. While a few artists do earn a living from it, the vast majority don’t.

To stand out in this industry is extremely difficult, so I asked my father, Albert Koetsier, an artist himself, how I could help. We started to look at the issue very carefully and realized it is bigger than the individual artists themselves, it is the art industry as a whole.

Aside from the artist’s plight, the bigger tragedy is that the industry obscures smaller artists. As a result, fewer people become artists and less art is left to posterity. To fill this void, people who want to purchase art, resort to mass-produced and computer generated wall-art, the kind typically found stacked feet-high at Walmart and IKEA.

With I plan to change this. I believe that art should not be commoditized - it should not be mass-produced so that only huge production runs and economies of scale will eke out an income of razor-thin margins. Ultimately, I believe that art should be striking, unique, and not look like every other piece in a stack.

Where We Fit In

So I created this site to sell autographed prints in the same way galleries do. I intend to update the site much the same way with featured artists on the front page, one artist at a time. I will offer a few select pieces, including some that have never been seen before.

I will ask the artists for their input, to allow them to have a say in which pieces they wish to include, what they should be priced at, and how many copies of each they would like to offer here. I hope that this will, in a very small way, offer a welcome new avenue for artists to showcase their art.

These are prints of original pieces, not the originals themselves. I am not looking to compete with the established network of galleries and art dealers. The art here will, however, be limited production runs that are hand-signed by the artists. As such, I am also not competing with mass-production poster sites, either.

I believe that between galleries and poster sites, there is a place for I think artists are missing an opportunity to expand their reach between the two so I want to help them do this. The goal is to support art and the artists that create it.

What We Do

After careful consideration, I developed a process for making the art individual to the artist and to allow it to retain its value over time:

  • I search out art that I believe is unique, striking, and inspiring. (If you are an artist and would like to have your art included here, then please let me know via the Interest Form).

  • I work with the artist to select those pieces that they think are truly different and exemplary of his/her work.

  • These may be prints sold elsewhere as well, but the ones I sell will have the artist’s hand-written signature and edition number.

  • In addition, I will also assign a unique serial number to each piece.

  • Each shipment will include a certificate of origin with the serial-numbers (and if provided by the artist, any other relevant documents certifying provenance).

  • Once the pieces are sold out, there will be no new production runs. These are one-time only pieces.