Signed Art Prints

Art Posters & Prints Hand-Signed by the Artists

Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.
— Claude Monet

The Idea

It is difficult being an artist today, especially when it comes to 2-dimensional art like paintings, photography and digital art. To stand out in this industry is extremely difficult, that is why we started

While a few do earn a living from their art, the vast majority don’t. Aside from this, the bigger tragedy is that this stifles art. Fewer people become artists and less art is left to posterity. To fill this void, people resort to mass-produced and even computer generated wall-art, the kind typically found stacked feet-high at Walmart and IKEA.

with we want to change this. We believe that art should not be computer-generated or commoditized. Likewise, we do not agree that artists should be made to mass-produce copies of their art so that only huge production runs will guarantee an income from the razor-thin margins. Most importantly, we believe that art should be striking, unique, and not look like every other piece.

Where We Fit In

So we created a small site to sell autographed prints and posters. We intend to update these much the same way that a gallery does. We will feature one artist at a time, with a few select pieces, including some that have never been seen before, and that will have limited production runs. We will reach out to the artists directly for these pieces and we will allow them to have a say in which pieces they wish to include, what they should be priced at, and how many copies of each will be included.

We hope that this will, in a very small way, offer an alternative for artists to showcase and sell their art. These are prints of original pieces, not the originals themselves, so we’re not trying to compete with actual galleries and art dealers. At the same time, these will be limited production runs hand-signed by the artists, so we are also not competing with mass-production poster sites, either

We believe that between the galleries and the poster sites, artists are missing an opportunity to expand their reach and we wants to help them do this. Our ultimate goal is to support art and the artists that create it.

What We Do

We created the following process for guaranteeing that the art is unique and retains its value over time:

  • We search out artists whose art we believe is unique, striking, and inspiring. if you are an artist and would like to be considered, then please use our interest form.

  • We work with the artist to select specific pieces that are different but still exemplary of the artist’s work.

  • These likely will be prints typically sold elsewhere as well, but we will ask the artist to hand-sign and number the pieces.

  • We also assign a unique serial number to each piece.

  • Each shipment will include a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity and if provided by the artist, any other relevant documents certifying provenance.

  • Once the pieces are sold out, there will be no new production runs with new numbers. These are one-time only pieces.